About Us

Sister Centers Fact Sheet

Sister Centers Saint Lucie and Jupiter Lanes, two of Florida’s finest family entertainment centers, are pleased to bring you affordable and unique ways to let others know about your business.

Sister Centers greet over 6,000 customers a week as they pass through our doors headed for the finest family fun and entertainment. Your business advertisement is placed in front of over one half million customers annually.

Diverse customer base consisting of:

* Loyal league bowlers, men and women
* Local businesses & organizations
* Corporate events
* Students
* Families
* Seniors


Multiple opportunities and custom packages available:

* On-site Advertising
* League Sponsorships
* Tournament Sponsorships
* Education & School Programs
* Special Event Packages
* Hospitality Opportunities
* Fundraisers
* Website & Email Blasts
* 110 Video Monitors
* Cross-Marketing
* Group Discounts
* Outdoor Festivals


Monday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Tuesday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Wednesday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Thursday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Friday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Saturday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Sunday 9:00 AM to Midnight

For more information contact :
Jupiter Lanes #561-743-9200
Saint Lucie Lanes #772-461-5390