Jupiter & Saint Lucie Lanes

Wes Tuten is the Community Coordinator for Sister Centers Jupiter and Saint Lucie Lanes. Our goal is to partner with community and charitable groups in earning support through creative fundraising. ideas. As a prime example we offer you two of many success events. This year MDA raised over $30,000.00 in two afternoons at both our centers and the Council on Aging raised over $10,000.00 in an afternoon of fun-filled bowling.

Take a moment to consider both Jupiter and Saint Lucie Lanes for your Fundraiser. Bowling is not a gender or strength based activity and there is no expensive equipment to purchase to participate, we provide it all. Bowling is for everyone no matter what their age or physical skill set.

This is how we do it:

1. Advertising Signs and Banners: Business can partner and earn valuable advertising opportunities through sponsorship. Custom banners and signs are hung for a minimum of four weeks both before and after the fundraising event. This is advertising to a captive audience of over 10,000 guests a month. Signs are sold for as much as $300 each. A recent charity sold 46 signs with a low production cost of $50 netting $250 to the charity.

2. Registration Table: Set up, draped and decorated at the entrance with provisions for as many administrators as group requires.

3. Raffle Tables/Bake Sale: Our large concourse are set aside for tables to display donated items for raffle, auction and sale.

4. Lane Reservations: We reserve as many lanes necessary to accommodate the number of guests the fundraiser is able to secure.

5. Access to our data base of over 16,000 customers.

6. Access to our media program (radio, television and press) and in-house IT team to promote your event.

7. Discounted pricing as low as $6 per hour per person unlimited bowling and shoe rental. The discounted rate for fundraisers are sold for upwards of $10 per person to $25 per person donation to the fundraising entity.

8. Food and Beverage Packages: With a full service kitchen, bar and lounge at your disposal your organization has the opportunity to further increase their fundraising dollars by offering guests custom food and beverage packages as part of its ticket sales.

9. In-House Promotions: Our staff and management promote your event by daily interaction with our customers.

10. Parking: Parking is never a problem because our facilities sit on over five and a half beautiful acres.

Consider the support and fundraising opportunities your Sister Centers offer community and charitable organizations.

Start the ball rolling by contacting our Community Coordinator, Wes Tuten, at 772-333-0339 or by email at

Remember with Teamwork anything is possible!


Wes Tuten

See you soon and remember, in the meantime, to KEEP THE BALL ROLLING!